decrease in testosterone

Nugenix supplement comes with the claim of increasing sexual desire, enlarging muscle mass and raising the levels of „ free“ testosterone, and it has been promoted extensively on the web and elsewhere.

It is known that decrease in testosterone is the main culprit for the symptoms like erectile dysfunction, commonly known as „ andropause“, and Nugenix is one of the products claiming to help with an issue.

Nugenix is a combination of zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and the mixture of various herb extracts. Zinc is known as a natural testosteron steigern, and it comes in combination with Testofen, another clinically approved product, itself a version of fenugreek extract, found in nature in Asia and Southern Europe.

Nugenix also contains L-Citrulline, amino-acid, and Tribulus Terrestris, another renowned booster.

Something that many customers may not like about Nugenix is that it has to be taken daily for positive effects to start to show. Recommended dosis is 3 capsules a day, and it contains the total of 90 capsules, costing 70 dollars, which makes it one of the most expensive supplement on the market.

But is it worth the money? Its pros are: the use of 100% natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals which enhance testosterone production, it can be bought both in shops and on the web. Cons are: its high cost, and the fact that it can only be bought in the USA and Canada.

Nugenix is a compound of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts which is being promoted as a natural stimulant of testosterone production. Although in many cases, decrease in the levels of this male hormone is responsible for sexual dysfunctions and other health problems, Nugenix might not be the only solution. Balanced diet, a lot of exercise and the rest, can help one( in combination with Nugenix)  restore his previous testosterone levels.


    Testofen kaufen

    Testofen is a compound containing fenugreek whose main effects are on the enhancement of testosterone production. Originating from India and Pakistan, fenugreek has been used for centuries as a plant, food, and natural medicine in the treatment of andropause, menopause, diabetes, weight loss and for improving digestion. But above all, it is renowned for helping men to perform better sexually. Its principal ingredient, fenuside, is a combination of various saponins, which naturally boost androgens in the body system. As a result, muscle mass and sexual function men improve significantly (erhöhen).

Conducted studies have shown that Testofen helped increase the production of unbound testosterone. In one of them, 60 subjects were tested, 30 of them were given Testofen, and another 30 were in the placebo group, 600 miligrams of Testofen were used, 300 in the morning and 300 at night, the experiment lasted for eight weeks, with a goal to determine its effects on the increase of testosterone. The result was a significant increase in the production of unbound testosterone, 100% more than in the placebo group, which resulted in an improved sexual function.

Similar effect was found on the  triceps size, which came along with a decrease in the skinfolds after eight weeks trial, but no changes were noticed in body weight.

It has to be mentioned, though, that some side effects can occur, gastrointenstinal problems( in subjects with sensitive stomach), congestion , and lower levels of blood sugar. On top of that, the company produces it has recently seen the surge in the number of charges pressed against them from unhappy customers claiming that it did not deliver desired results, and that the conuclusions of research studies were misinterpreted to deceive potential customers seeking to increase their testosterone levels, when in fact, it did not. However, for the final verdict on this product, it is the best to wait for a couple more clinical trials.

Ashwagandha supplement

   While there is not a lot of research available for other natural supplements( whose general health benefits are claimed to come accompanied with hormone boosting effect), Ashwagandha, though not that famous, is an exception, having a lot of studies to support its beneficial effects. Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic plant originating from India, known for its uses in medicine, as a relaxant and energetic drink, and for which it has recently been discovered that it can raise testosterone levels. Many studies have proved conclusive in that regard: ingestion of Ashwagandha will improve testosterone production, increase the sperm count and help with other fertility aspects. To persons suffering from stress, it could help reduce these symptoms and increase testosterone, possibly by bringing down the levels of other, stress-related, hormone, called cortisol. It also improves physical performance and shortens recuperation time for the muscles. On top of that, it has been found to have not toxic properties, and is relatively cheap in comparison with other options available.

One particular experiment followed the effects of Ashwagandha on body functions after the subjects were intaking one gram per a month. Results of the study pointed to an increase in muscle’ s size and weight loss. Other studies have shown that, while exact effects of this plant are different from person to person, it helps testosterone levels to increase by as much as 20%, and one of them, which compared it with Ginseng( another natural supplement), showed bigger muscle gains in those who took Aswagandha. It has also been proven that this herb, in combination with some other plants with similar properties, can enhance sports’ performance and endurance, by helping with maintenance of high oxygen levels necessary to bring energy to the body. As a testosterone supplement, it is taken in a form of KSM-66 extract.

Why should the athletes take testosterone supplements?

Testosterone is not only a male hormone, and the one in charge of many bodily functions, but it is also considered indispensable for doing any kind of professional sport, and achieving the great results in it.

In the first place, one of its main functions is that of metabolism regulation. And one must have in mind that good metabolism is essential for controling weight. That is because of an important role this hormone plays in the growth and strength of the muscles. In that way, metabolic activity will increasing leading to better fat burning, which, in turn, will lead to better body control.

It also has an imporant role to play in the control of cholesterol levels keeping them moderate, and the same happens with energy, as it helps maintain higher levels of energy during trainings. Red blood cells transport the oxygen through the body, activate the muscles and help decrease the levels of lactic acid, the main cause of the pain felt during exercise. Research has shown that testosterone helps increase the number of red blood cells, which in turn allows the athletes to train harder and and increase their muscle mass with time.

If an athlete happens to have naturally low levels of testosterone, the first step is to change eating habits, and ingest unsaturated fats whose beneficial roles in the hormonal regulation has been proven. Weight control is also of an utmost importance, because with excessive kilograms testosterone converts into estrogen. To maintain right levels it is also advisable to lead more relaxed life, and avoid stressful situations, as well as alcohol or tobacco, sleep well and rest.

But there are some athletes to whom none of this helps, and they are the ones who turn to supplements. Many of them take ZMA, compendium of zinc, magnesium aspartat and vitamin B6, or other available products such as BSN Evotest, Prime Male and TestoFuel, or known to enhance athletic performance.