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Drive Bunny
Saturday 22nd February 2014 11:32
Drive Bunny

Visit our new site Drive Bunny where you can learn all the tricks, tips and secrets of Google Drive and Google Docs!
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Free WYSIWYG Editor
Wednesday 17th January 2007 18:32

A quick plug for one of our sister sites, www.wyzz.info where the Wyzz editor has just been launched - a JavaScript WYSIWYG editor designed to be light and easy to install - perfect for those jobs where the large size and complication of some of the available solutions is not warranted. Wyzz is distributed free under the LGPL. Latest version 0.66 works with IE9 as well as latest Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.

Wyzz WYSIWYG Editor

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Search ....
Saturday 30th December 2006 17:16
As this site has gotten more complex, it has become clear that we needed some way for users to search for the Ajax information they need. To that end, we've now added a dedicated search page (see Search on the top-level menu). From here you can search this site, our associated Ajax-related sites Funky Ajax and The Mouse Whisperer, or even the whole web. We hope that helps a little!
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New tutorial project - Ajax CAPTCHA
Tuesday 19th December 2006 15:49

There's now a new tutorial on the 'Projects' menu for you to have a try at. This implements the popular CAPTCHA method of form validation, to prevent abuse by spambots and the like. Here we use Ajax to build CAPTCHA into the normal form validation, so the check can conveniently be done before form submission.

You'll see the system in use if you try to add a comment to any of the entries on this blog.


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The New Blog
Monday 21st August 2006 18:36

Welcome to the new mini-blog; here I'll be adding random thoughts about all things Ajax (and probably some totally irrelevant stuff too!). Please feel free to comment on what's here.

Thanks, too, to all those who have supported the site by buying the book - it really helps to keep this resource free to everybody.

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Many users visiting my Ajax tutorials at the Mouse Whisperer website commented that they were finding it tough to locate Ajax resources, expecially tutorials and demonstrations, so I decided to get as much information together as possible and site it here. You'll find ajax tutorials, code snippets, ajax demonstrations and fully worked projects covering both beginner and more advanced levels. The site is intended as a one-stop resource for anybody interested in programming web applications using Ajax.

Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) is rapidly gaining popularity as a means to provide web-based applications with interactive, involving, smooth user interfaces much more like those of desktop applications.

There's also a forum where you can discuss Ajax-related topics, swap sample code and resources, and hopefully help each other out a little.

There's also a page dedicated to Ajax textbooks, which hopefully will be able to fill the gaps inevitably created when one tries to cover a big subject on a small website.

Please feel free to explore the site. It's still in its infancy, and lots more content will be coming soon - so if you're interested in Ajax, why not bookmark the site and call back soon?

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