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About me

Tongkat Ali is the plant from Indonesia and Malaysia proven to enhance sexual performance, help muscle growth, boost energy levels, improve memory and concentration, endurance and immunity. It can be taken in combination with other similar plants.

Tribulus terrestris- There are many controversies regarding the usefulness of this plant, but one research study conducted on chimpanzees who received tribulis terrestris showed an increase in testosterone by as much as 50%. Even though it still has not been 100% proven to be effective when used on its own, it has shown great results when used in combination with other herbs of similar nature.

Lepidium meyenii( maca) increases both testosterone and other hormones essential for reproductive function. It improves libido, helps gain muscle mass and cures sexual dysfunction.

Fo- Ti plant has been used in China since time immemorial as  natural anti-aging remedy, aphrodisiac and impotence cure.

Yohimbe herb native to Africa helps increase the vigor and vitality, and is also useful for those who are taking antidepressants, increases testosterone and oxygen levels in the body, lowering heart disease risks.

Smilax aspera( Sarsaparilla) is a natural supplement known to build muscle and improve sex drive, regulating hormones and keeping their levels high.

Ginseng- this Chinese plant has numerous health benefits, and in recent years a lot has been written on its role in boosting testosterone levels.

ZMA is according to many the best natural supplement, because it helps compensate for the amounts of zinc and magnesium lost during 2-hour training. Also, studies have shown that those who consumed this product had 2.5 times bigger muscle strength gains than those who were taking just a placebo. Magnesium has a role to play in the fast energy production and protein metabolism. Vitamin B6( another ingredient of this compound) is important factor in the conversion of glycogen to glucosis( which is the primary source of energy for the muscles), and helps protein synthesis.