Ashwagandha supplement

   While there is not a lot of research available for other natural supplements( whose general health benefits are claimed to come accompanied with hormone boosting effect), Ashwagandha, though not that famous, is an exception, having a lot of studies to support its beneficial effects. Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic plant originating from India, known for its uses in medicine, as a relaxant and energetic drink, and for which it has recently been discovered that it can raise testosterone levels. Many studies have proved conclusive in that regard: ingestion of Ashwagandha will improve testosterone production, increase the sperm count and help with other fertility aspects. To persons suffering from stress, it could help reduce these symptoms and increase testosterone, possibly by bringing down the levels of other, stress-related, hormone, called cortisol. It also improves physical performance and shortens recuperation time for the muscles. On top of that, it has been found to have not toxic properties, and is relatively cheap in comparison with other options available.

One particular experiment followed the effects of Ashwagandha on body functions after the subjects were intaking one gram per a month. Results of the study pointed to an increase in muscle’ s size and weight loss. Other studies have shown that, while exact effects of this plant are different from person to person, it helps testosterone levels to increase by as much as 20%, and one of them, which compared it with Ginseng( another natural supplement), showed bigger muscle gains in those who took Aswagandha. It has also been proven that this herb, in combination with some other plants with similar properties, can enhance sports’ performance and endurance, by helping with maintenance of high oxygen levels necessary to bring energy to the body. As a testosterone supplement, it is taken in a form of KSM-66 extract.