Why should the athletes take testosterone supplements?

Testosterone is not only a male hormone, and the one in charge of many bodily functions, but it is also considered indispensable for doing any kind of professional sport, and achieving the great results in it.

In the first place, one of its main functions is that of metabolism regulation. And one must have in mind that good metabolism is essential for controling weight. That is because of an important role this hormone plays in the growth and strength of the muscles. In that way, metabolic activity will increasing leading to better fat burning, which, in turn, will lead to better body control.

It also has an imporant role to play in the control of cholesterol levels keeping them moderate, and the same happens with energy, as it helps maintain higher levels of energy during trainings. Red blood cells transport the oxygen through the body, activate the muscles and help decrease the levels of lactic acid, the main cause of the pain felt during exercise. Research has shown that testosterone helps increase the number of red blood cells, which in turn allows the athletes to train harder and and increase their muscle mass with time.

If an athlete happens to have naturally low levels of testosterone, the first step is to change eating habits, and ingest unsaturated fats whose beneficial roles in the hormonal regulation has been proven. Weight control is also of an utmost importance, because with excessive kilograms testosterone converts into estrogen. To maintain right levels it is also advisable to lead more relaxed life, and avoid stressful situations, as well as alcohol or tobacco, sleep well and rest.

But there are some athletes to whom none of this helps, and they are the ones who turn to supplements. Many of them take ZMA, compendium of zinc, magnesium aspartat and vitamin B6, or other available products such as BSN Evotest, Prime Male and TestoFuel, or known to enhance athletic performance.