decrease in testosterone

Nugenix supplement comes with the claim of increasing sexual desire, enlarging muscle mass and raising the levels of „ free“ testosterone, and it has been promoted extensively on the web and elsewhere.

It is known that decrease in testosterone is the main culprit for the symptoms like erectile dysfunction, commonly known as „ andropause“, and Nugenix is one of the products claiming to help with an issue.

Nugenix is a combination of zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and the mixture of various herb extracts. Zinc is known as a natural testosteron steigern, and it comes in combination with Testofen, another clinically approved product, itself a version of fenugreek extract, found in nature in Asia and Southern Europe.

Nugenix also contains L-Citrulline, amino-acid, and Tribulus Terrestris, another renowned booster.

Something that many customers may not like about Nugenix is that it has to be taken daily for positive effects to start to show. Recommended dosis is 3 capsules a day, and it contains the total of 90 capsules, costing 70 dollars, which makes it one of the most expensive supplement on the market.

But is it worth the money? Its pros are: the use of 100% natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals which enhance testosterone production, it can be bought both in shops and on the web. Cons are: its high cost, and the fact that it can only be bought in the USA and Canada.

Nugenix is a compound of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts which is being promoted as a natural stimulant of testosterone production. Although in many cases, decrease in the levels of this male hormone is responsible for sexual dysfunctions and other health problems, Nugenix might not be the only solution. Balanced diet, a lot of exercise and the rest, can help one( in combination with Nugenix)  restore his previous testosterone levels.