Testofen kaufen

    Testofen is a compound containing fenugreek whose main effects are on the enhancement of testosterone production. Originating from India and Pakistan, fenugreek has been used for centuries as a plant, food, and natural medicine in the treatment of andropause, menopause, diabetes, weight loss and for improving digestion. But above all, it is renowned for helping men to perform better sexually. Its principal ingredient, fenuside, is a combination of various saponins, which naturally boost androgens in the body system. As a result, muscle mass and sexual function men improve significantly (erhöhen).

Conducted studies have shown that Testofen helped increase the production of unbound testosterone. In one of them, 60 subjects were tested, 30 of them were given Testofen, and another 30 were in the placebo group, 600 miligrams of Testofen were used, 300 in the morning and 300 at night, the experiment lasted for eight weeks, with a goal to determine its effects on the increase of testosterone. The result was a significant increase in the production of unbound testosterone, 100% more than in the placebo group, which resulted in an improved sexual function.

Similar effect was found on the  triceps size, which came along with a decrease in the skinfolds after eight weeks trial, but no changes were noticed in body weight.

It has to be mentioned, though, that some side effects can occur, gastrointenstinal problems( in subjects with sensitive stomach), congestion , and lower levels of blood sugar. On top of that, the company produces it has recently seen the surge in the number of charges pressed against them from unhappy customers claiming that it did not deliver desired results, and that the conuclusions of research studies were misinterpreted to deceive potential customers seeking to increase their testosterone levels, when in fact, it did not. However, for the final verdict on this product, it is the best to wait for a couple more clinical trials.